185½kg×4, sumoman

185½ kg × 4 reps


Sometimes I don’t know when to stop a lifting session. I get carried away with the feeling that I must do more despite the fact that I know from countless experiences that there is no point in continuing. When I was a beginner I couldn’t sense this point so didn’t know to stop. One way to quantify the the amount of work one should do is to use Mike Tuscherer’s auto-regulation method which you can read about here. Quantifying fatigue is a fast track way to learning to sense fatigue. Continue reading ‘Progression’ »


505kg, sumoman

1114 lbs

When I first started lifting weights I did full lifts. I didn’t get much from them. Maybe this was due to ignorance. I did Weider, York, HIT, etc. They all worked equally ineffectively. Then I got fed up and made a power rack, then I made 40 of them. I tested them by putting heavy weights on them and lifting heavy weights. The only way I could lift heavy weights was by doing partials. After testing the racks for 7 years I got very good at partials. My trap bar lift had previously been at 130 kg, but without any practice on the full lift I now did 180 kg. This convinced me that there was something to doing partials. Continue reading ‘Pyramids’ »