205½kg, sumoman

205½ kg – this is the proper way of doing deadlifts.

180kg, sumoman

180 kg – note how I inflate my gut massively.

I lift 6 or 7 days a week, often twice a day though the additional stuff is mostly press-ups, pull-ups and laterals against a bicycle tube. The sessions go like this;

  1. Squat like move for one block.
  2. Deadlift like move for next block.
  3. Squat like move for next block.
  4. Deadlift like move for next block.

Then repeat. With the occasional partial thrown within a block. A block is a series of sessions say 4 to 12. Thus a block might last 2 to 4 weeks.

So a week will go like this;

  1. Mon – Squat
  2. Tue – Bench Press, Pull Ups
  3. Wed – Squat
  4. Thu – Press Ups, Pull Ups
  5. Fri – Squat
  6. Sat – Press Ups, Pull Ups
  7. Sun – Squat or bike ride

Repeat for next few weeks, then change to a Deadlift block and repeat that for a few weeks;

  1. Mon – Deadift
  2. Tue – Push Press, Pull Ups
  3. Wed – Deadift
  4. Thu – Press Ups, Pull Ups
  5. Fri – Deadift
  6. Sat – Press Ups, Pull Ups
  7. Sun – Deadift or bike ride

Each block of squats or deadlifts will alternate in terms of style of squat or deadlift. Thusly;

  1. Low Bar Squat
  2. Sumo Dead + Regular Deadlift
  3. Low Bar Good Morning
  4. Parallel Grip Deadlift
  5. Low Bar Squat
  6. Straddle Lift
  7. Low Bar Good Morning

And then repeat. I will stick the odd single session of superheavy partials in every few weeks. Thus during the parallel grip deadlift I might either do a partial parallel grip deadlift after the full lifts or that particular session will be a partial’s session.

To see what a single session looks like, click on one of the videos above (limbering and warm-ups are not shown). I only do one exercise, two if you include the occasional partial afterwards.

This came about through pure practicality, i.e. I’d set my equipment up for deadlift or squat and then leave the equipment set up. This saves a lot of shuffling about of equipment. It turns out that this arrangement has proved not only practical but particularly result producing.


  1. Are the video sessions representative of your typical rep ranges – mostly under 5? I saw mostly under 3 even, I think.

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