217kg, sumoman

217 kg

326kg, sumoman

326 kg

Continuing on from my previous post, here I have boldly italicised the deadlift blocks;

  1. Low Bar Squat
  2. Sumo Dead + Regular Deadlift
  3. Low Bar Good Morning
  4. Parallel Grip Deadlift
  5. Low Bar Squat
  6. Straddle Lift
  7. Low Bar Good Morning

Occasionally I read that Parallel Grip Deadlifts are useless for building up the powerlifting deadlift. I have not found this to be so. It maybe that the writers have not taken the time to get the deadlifts to correlate or do not have a feel about biomechanical properties of each type of lift.

A full cycle of blocks is 7 × 2-4 = 14 to 28 weeks. This means that there is 14 to 28 weeks before the beginning of a Sumo + Deadlift block; a block which lasts only 2-4 weeks. Yet both my Sumo + Deadlift are going up fast, in perfect correlation with the Parallel Grip Deadlift and Straddle Lift. I know that when one of these lifts goes up by 10 kg then so will the others.


You will note in the second video that after the full Parallel Grip Deadlift I do a Partial Grip Deadlift with 326 kg. I only do these partials every few weeks or maybe once a month. In the past I did partials exclusively, lifting just once per week. After 7 years I maxed out, so partials these days are mostly for maintenance with the odd gain here and there. I haven’t lifted the back of a car off the ground for years, but would find no problem lifting the back of cars of about 1 ton, I know this because the partials I do are of a similar size to what I used to do; however it maybe that my now greater strength off the ground and from the mid-range would mean a faster lift.

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