Don’t Know Squat

193 kg

193 kg × 4

Whenever my back needs a rest I do Good Mornings.

According to the internet the Good Morning exercise is named as such because it resembles bowing in a gentlemanly fashion.

Many demonstrations of the GM show the practitioner with the bar on the neck which means the hips and low back don’t get much of a workout because the limit is posed by how much one can tolerate on the neck. Practitioners of the neck position GM don’t know what they are doing.

Quite a few people also use the high bar shoulder position, this tends to lead to a round back type lift, which is okay if that is the object of the exercise.

I prefer the low bar position GM and bend as far forward as I can without the back losing its arched position. I bend more than I do in a squat, perhaps to the same degree as in a regular deadlift. The GM in this style hits the same muscles as in the squat except that the quadriceps do very little work, as a result the hamstrings get a hammering and feel wobbly afterwards; its kind of like a no arm regular deadlift.

I follow a microcycle over a week that goes light, medium, heavy; then the next week it is a heavier version of the first week. So for the 1st week I went (Tues, Thurs, Sun);

  • 143 × 10
  • 163 × 8
  • 185½ × 5 (video)

For the 2nd week I went;

  • 153 × 10
  • 173 × 8
  • 193 × 4 (video)

185½ kg

185½ kg × 5

Note that the rest for the heaviest, Sunday, session is 3 days. Thus you will see that the beginning of each microcycle starts as a primer for the end of the microcycle and that the first microcycle is a primer for the second microcycle. I can’t remember what this is called, perhaps undulating periodisation? I go through it for 2, 3 or however many weeks until I start to feel bored, then I switch to another lift.

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