183 kg × 3

183 kg × 3; manly

When it comes to deadlifting everyone promotes the regular/conventional style deadlift as shown above, i.e. the feet are close together and the hands are outside the legs. This style of deadlift certainly constitutes a big exercise and is very manly, so much so that Paul Carter of Lift Run Bang calls it manly whilst reviling the sumo style lift as gay.

215kg, sumoman

215 kg; gay

However I feel this is a mistake and that sumos are not gay. In fact I would argue that most heavy lifting is, in fact, in the form of a straddle lift.

210kg, sumoman 460kg, sumoman

210 kg full, 460½ kg partial – both straddle lifts.

For example picking up an Atlas Stone is a straddle lift. Flipping the finger is straddle. Flipping the tyre is straddle (the way I do it). Picking up a heavy box is straddle. Picking up the back of a car is straddle (the way I do it).

It is only when picking up a barbell that one can put the feet under the bar and thus deadlift it. Normally to get the base of support (the feet) either side of the centre of gravity of the weight being lifted one has to adopt a straddle stance. Thus if you observe a person trying to regular deadlift an atlas stone you will see that not much happens, the stone stays stuck to the ground. Pretty much everyone on first encountering the altas stone stands stupidly behind it, but being very intelligent I naturally stood astride my first atlas stone and thus hoisted 100 kg with no problem.

Because most of you are not fortunate or intelligent enough to own a straddle bar the next best thing is to practice the sumo deadlift.

Thus the sumo is not gay and should be practised for proper all round lifting ability. Additionally practising it will make Paul Carter apoplectic with rage, which is surely as good a reason to practice the sumo as any.

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